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Schools & Parents


-The School Run-


IMPACT GROUP focuses on supporting schools in providing a reliable and environmentally friendly alternative to the school run by ensuring that the children’s journey on the bus is safe and comfortable.

According to recent statistics, as well as seriously impacting on and causing our city’s twice-daily gridlock, parents driving to school cost the economy an estimated £469 million in time wasted, fuel, increased costs to business, not to mention parking tickets.

But the cost is not just financial, it is environmental, psychological and moral. Councils and schools have been encouraging children to walk, cycle or use public transport, wherever possible but to little effect on congestion and air pollution.

Parents driving children to and from school in rush hour traffic create ever increasing levels of stress for all concernd as well as impacting on the environment. It is a problem that gets worse with passing years.

At IMPACT, we believe that a school bus system is the only viable solution to this large scale problem in London.