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Our Fleet

  Safe handrails to help children
in and out of the bus

Buses fitted with 3 point
Seat Belts; clean and
luxury interiors

A Green Bus For Every Journey

150 Coaches & Minibuses
2 London Depots

• Full-size coaches: 49, 51 and 70 seaters
• Midi-coaches: 33 seaters
• Minibuses: 16 & 24 seaters

With the diversity of our fleet we have the perfect vehicle to suit the needs of any school.

  • All our fleet meet the required emissions standards – some coaches meet Euro 6 standard for air pollution ahead of the new regulations to be implemented by the Government in 2019/2020.
  • Real-time GPS tracking technology – fitted in all our vehicles so that parents and schools will know the exact location of their children at all times.
  • 2 Large Depots conveniently located in London – we can offer a good reliable service to our clients and we are able to respond and resolve any emergencies quickly.
  • Vehicle Checks – As part of our commitment to provide safe journeys, Impact Group conduct all maintenance on site, in our bespoke workshop facilities which include an MOT test lane.
  • Fitted with proper child restraint, 3 point Seat Belts and the majority with A/C
  • All our coaches/minibuses are modern, clean and comfortable.